What Fongeo Kennels Offers to Hunters

  • We teach the dog to find birds with an objective ground, handles on command, steady to wing and shot, retrieving, and backing.
  • We specialize in staunchness on point, and a bunch of WHOA!
  • We raise our own birds (quail, chucker, pheasants) to work your dog the right way.
  • Here at Fongeo Kennels we do not just train your dog, we train you on: How to respond, How to handle your dog, and most importantly, How to correct your dog.
  • We also have a 3 month puppy training program to ensure that your dog gets started the right way.
  • We use high quality Diamond Pet Food for all our dogs.


The year of 1968 a record was made by 3X Champion FONGEO CHEETER SLICK, a 3 year old English pointer. He was registered in both the American Field and American Kennel Club. "PEPPER", as we called him, won 3 AKC major field trials with 30 days. The first 2 field trials in California and the third in Salt Lake, Utah winning the AKC Shooting Dog Championship. Today the Records still Stand!

Diamond Pet Foods

Diamond pet foods feature the highest quality ingredients formulated to enhance health, happiness, appearance and overall performance of your dog.

Diamond dog food meets the needs and taste preferences of all dog life stages, lifestyles and levels of activity. At Fongeo Kennels we only use Diamond.