At Fongeo Kennels we take lots of pride in providing all the dogs that board with us a comfortable, clean, and safe stay. Our dogs are housed in modern chain linked sheltered concrete runs; they are attended throughout the day by a dedicated staff. Every dog at our kennel is required to be current on DHL, Parvo, and Rabies shots. All external and internal parasites are eliminated. Dogs are put on a quality diet of Diamond Pet Food. Here are just some of the key features that our kennels provide:

* We provide Open Air Kennels
* We have up to 20 Runs
* Our kennels are very spacious measuring 16ft x 4ft
* Our kennels are all cement slabbed, NOT DIRT!
* Our kennels are cleaned and maintained constantly throughout the day
* We enclose our kennels during the winter season to keep the dogs nice and warm and during the summer months we provide cooling fans for comfort
* All dogs are provided a clean bed made from fresh barrel shavings and fed a diet of Diamond Pet Food
* We care for your dog as if it were our own, giving your animal the proper attention it needs