Training Programs

At Fongeo Kennels we specialize in creating training programs for all types of Hunters. We have programs geared toward Men, Women, and Jr Hunters! We teach the basic's of handling a dog using commands that will enable the dog to steady on point, steady to wing and shot, as well as how to handle the retrieval of a shot bird. We train your dog, or we will set you up with a prospect from the kennels at a special price!

Daily Schedule

Dogs in our program experience bird contacts every day and have at least one opportunity to honor some other dog's bird work. Over the course of training each dog has contact with well over 100 birds- a number of which are shot for him. Each dog is schooled daily in obedience and dog training. Our daily program is adjusted to the individual's temperament and capabilities. Each dog has his own individualized training program.

Probation Period

Every dog is on probation for the first month. During this month the owner is informed if his dog does not seem to have the basic motivation, is not physically sound, or for some other reason not considered a good prospect. Owners are kept informed with monthly progress reports.

Our Method

Our methods stress repetition. Training situations are controlled so that the dog makes few mistakes and is not subjected to endless corrections. Most dogs rapidly learn to enjoy these routines and respond willingly to the demands made on them.